Monday, 3 September 2012

Apple pie and jam

Some of the apples have already ripened and fallen from our two apple trees. But I cannot eat apples as is, my bowel does not tolerate them. So in order to eat apples I need to cook them first. I started out by making the pie, but noticed I had so much apples that they wont fit inside one pie so I also made jam.

I used this recipe to make the pie. I'm not that skilled making the crust so the fillling bubbled on top of the crust a bit from the edges, but that was just yummy. The edges caramelized amazingly. Jam I just made using the instructions from the jam sugar package. Instruction also here (in Finnish).


  1. I can't eat raw apples either (severe and violent allergic reaction). But apple pie is definitely my fave of all pies- this looks yummy.

    1. The standard finnish apple pie has no crust and the apples get a bit dry, but the amarican apple pie where the apple filling is moist and sweet is definitely my favourite.
      Although blueberry pie is also really good, oh and lemon merengue pie, yummy! Maybe I cannot pick my favourite after all :)


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