Friday, 7 September 2012

Decluttering hand bags

I am proud to say I have very few hand bags. Okey I know I have a few and I know some of you will think that "oh, so many, I have only one", well yes I have more than one, but according to the stereotypical image of women I should have gazillion handbags. But I have... no... I had 10 hand bags.

One of the bags is missing from the photo, because I use that one ALL the time. There was no need to declutter that, I know I love it. But in a closet between the bedroom and the office I had a box where I kept these hand bags. I lifted all the hand bags out and placed on the office floor to assess them.

There were two bags which I cannot even remember the last time I've used them. One black and brown evening bag. They were both a bit old fashioned and not really my style. Also there was one that I would call a shoulder bad that smelled funny and it was really difficult to open or close. It was made of fake leather and it had smelled funny even when I bought it.

I kept only those hand bags above plus the one I use all the time of course. The dark shoulder bag is not my favourite in style but it serves it purpose and I have used it quite a lot in situations where my regular favourite shoulder bag looks too fancy. The stripy bag has seen it's better days but it's very handy in size.

Oh and the Pupu Tupuna bag. It's a bag I got when I was a kid. Pupu Tupuna is series of Finnish children's books. I'm quite sure I got the bag with the books, it's very cheaply made and it's broken from some parts but I can't make myself part with it. So I'm keeping it. Even though I never use it.

I placed all the bags inside a cardboard box and placed that inside my clothes closet in the bedroom. It is not that I decluttered much here but I still love the feeling that I was able to find something not usefull to me anymore and get rid of those.


  1. I love that striped bag. I am in the process of decluttering my wardrobe. Doesn't it feel good to pare things down?

    1. I like it too, it's a bit worn out though. And yes paring down does feel good. I get some sort of odd satisfaction when I make more room for my clothes cabinet.


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