Monday, 10 September 2012

Pickled cucumber

This summer has not been very warm here and all the cucumbers I had in the backyard are only now starting to be big enough to pick. But now they are all ready in the same time and that is why I pickled them to store them more easily.

I cut out the stump from the cucumbers, but few of the smaller ones had a beautiful star shape on the top and I just had to take a photo of one before I sliced them.

The process for making pickled cucumber is fairly easy. You just pile cucumber slices in a desinfected jar together with some spices. I used mustard seeds, dill stalks, garlic slices, white pepper and horseradish slices.

When the jars are full the cucumbers are covered with water, vinegar, sugar and salt cooked together. Caps are closed and the jars will be placed in the fridge. This way the cucumber can be enjoyed all year long.


  1. Yum! I love pickled cucumbers and they taste even better if you use the ones you grew in your backyard.

    1. Yum indeed, I already opened one jar, eventhough the spices have not worked their magic just yet.

  2. Sounds very good. I was trying to grow a variety of cucumbers called "lemon cucumbers." I had about 30 on one plant, but somehow, as usual, it died.
    Yours look beautiful though. :)

    1. Oh, that's too bad. Well next year then...
      "lemon cucumbers" I must google that, sounds intriguing.


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