Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Christmas flowers

I took a Christmas flower workshop on Monday evening. One fellow student from a Simplify 101 workshop had took a similar flower arrangement class few years back in her own town and country and said it was one of the nicest ways to get in the holiday spirit. Inspired by her example I found a flower workshop in Helsinki in Gardenia. I signed up for the workshop already in the end of October.

We were allowed to take our own pots and decorations with us. I took one pot and one vase, I figured I will have time to make only two. In the end I had time to make three so I had to buy one more pot from the workshop, which was a bit dull, because I really don't need any more pots. There was not much teaching on the workshop, the teacher told the very basics but nothing deep. I think I could have been interested in bit more knowlegde about the actual arranment making, but I think most of the student were just interested in doing. But what was very excellent on the workshop was that there was a big variety in plants that we could choose from and there were huge amounts of different ribbons and wires and pine cones and all types of decorations. In home I could never have such a variety.

I tried to make a bit more modern arrangements, many there made very traditional ones which of course were really nice, but not so me. Also it was really good that on the workshop the plants didn't cost awfully lot. So the cost of the material and flowers didn't really turn us down. I really like my arrangements, especially the one in the white pot and the one in the concrete pot. The one in the vase is maybe a bit too simple, but I love the Christmas rose and I had to have one for this holiday too.


  1. Leena I'm glad you decided to be the rebel and go contemporary with your arrangements. They turned out lovely.

  2. All of your arrangements turned out very lovely!


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