Friday, 14 December 2012

Geometrical tree ornaments

I mentioned these tree decorations last week already. These ornaments were inspired by the Himmeli. When I googled some inspiration for the Himmeli I found also modern geometrical art installations that had used plastic straws, glass and metal pipes. Those were big things, which were magnificient but I wanted something smaller. It occured to me that I've seen in craft shops long bugle beads, those seemed like the perfect material to make himmeli style tree ornaments.

So I made three tree ornaments, I started with one where I used a standard octahedron shape as a base and added to it with even longer bugle beads a triagle on all the sides. On the pyramid shape I have five octahedron shapes on top of each other. Finally I made the star. It's not my favourite, it does not seem to stay in shape that well, but it's still quite nice.


  1. These look fantastic, and could be translated quite well into minis too I think, thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you, I think you are right, these could work really well as minis too.

  2. They look great! Your post makes me want to make my very own ornaments...

  3. Thank you Nina. These also have the plus side that these are quite light, some ornaments seem to be too heavy for the spruce branches.


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