Friday, 14 June 2013

Two things I've bought using the kid as an excuse

Odd thing is that before I have never been that interested in children or their stuff, but ever since we did agree to one day to try to have a kid I have thought about buying two things when the plans of a kid become more real.

One of those items is the Iittala mug Mymble's mother. This purchase is really for me, just used the kid as an excuse to get that mug. I always thought that when I will be a mom I will use that mug. I know, it makes no sense. Especially as I was just explaining this Monday that we are drowning in stuff.

Also I have always loved the Bo boo print from Marimekko. I used to use a sheet very similar to the Bo boo design when I was a kid (which I by the way still have and am planning to make one thing from it). When I was visiting the Marimekko factory sale months ago I bought the Bo boo dish set. I know the kid could eat from any other dish we have, but I still wanted to get these. There is no sense in this purchase either. It's just something I had imagined the kid to use, when ever we would have one. Most likely the kid will eventually drop the bowl or plate on the floor and then the horribly expensive Bo boo dish will get shattered. But never mind that. 

Anyway these items had been a part of the when-we-will-have-a-kid dream and I guess I had to get them to make the dream come real so to say.


  1. I think you are allowed buy that kind of things because they have a strong meaning for you. Those kind of things we are supposed to own, not things that don't mean anything.

    I had that exact mug in my hands a couple of days ago, considered buying it, but put it back reluctantly. I think the picture is very cute.

    1. I couldn't agree more, these few things are not just stuff, these have a bigger meaning. It is somehow funny that some things just have that little something and then a similar item might be a total junk.

      My friend who has read a lot of those moomin comics said that the Mymble's mother in the comics is implied to be a prostitute and that is why she has so many children :D The tv-series gives a bit different impression of the Mymble's mom. Whatever the truth I still love the mug.

  2. I think that's fine--as long as it doesn't go too far or extend to too many things. Are you de-cluttering, yet?

    1. I think so too. No not yet. We have spent very little time at home in past two weeks.


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