Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Cloth diaper sewing

Ha, I thought I had lots of posts prepared on the summer vacation and thought that those would last for ever. Well I run out of them allready. Actually not really... I have lots of posts written, just haven't done the things I've written about. That is a bit funny.

I still wanted to post something today, I know I have allowed myself to skip a day two, but I just don't want to right now. So I will show you some cloth diapers I made ages ago. I wasn't going to show these at all, since I don't think these are that interesting.

I told in the post about the knitted diaper covers that I've been reading a lot about cloth diapers. I had loaned a book Vaippailmiö from the library and in that book were some cloth diaper patterns. There were also patterns for the inserts and flat diapers.

I was super excited to make my own cloth diapers, so I collected a pile of fabrics and old towels from the rag pile and started sewing. At least the inserts and the flat diapers were easy to make. I also made two fitted diapers for a new born, but while I was making those I realized that it's not that wise to make too many of those in advance since that particular pattern might not be the best for our child.

But the flat diapers and inserts I could even make more of. If those are not used as I intended we can always use those as spill rags. I might make more of these flat diapers and inserts later, at least I have plenty of material.

I did also buy a good set of used cloth diapers, those were not very expensive and there were many different brands and styles so we can try those out and see if any of those will fit our kid nicely.


  1. very wise. we changed brand of cloth nappy three times as claud was growing. old-style nappy inserts as spill cloths, bibs for baby led weaning, emergency nappy change tables etc etc, we have a massive pile that we use constantly and they are the best thing i ever bought for the babies i swear!

    1. That is the best thing to hear. It's good to hear comments from the more experienced.

  2. You will have to write about your experiences with cloth diapering once the baby is there! I want to know more, this might be a route I want to go if we ever have kids.

    1. That will be a shitty post :D
      I will do that, according to what I've heard and read it might take some time to grasp the whole concept and find out the best style for the baby, so it might take me some time to make that post, but if the cloth diapering works out at all I will do that post.


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