Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Bumper pad for the crib

From my own childhood I have an under sheet that was used a lot in my bed. I have never been able to throw that sheet away, even though it's in quite poor shape. I cannot remember when I got that sheet, perhaps when I was around three years old and used it for a long time. I think I remember having the sheet in my bed even when I was in high school.

For someone in high school the sheet is perhaps a bit embarrasing, because it has images of trains, this is the sheet which I mentioned in this post, where I said the sheet reminds me of the Marimekko Bo boo design. Some months ago I took the sheet down from where I have been storing it and examined it's condition. It was very pilled and the print colours had faded especially from the center.

The egdes were on better shape, although even those could look better. I wanted to make something from this sheet, I was just unable to throw the sheet away without even trying to use it somehow. So since the ends of the sheet were only somewhat usable I had to make something long from the sheet and then it occurred to me to make a bumper pad for the crib from it.

I used the train fabric only on the surface that faces the inside of the crib and used some old linen fabric on the other side. On the top I added some ribbons so the pad can be fastened to the crib. Inside is some wadding. I could have designed the placement of the ribbons better and there could be more of those, so it would be easier to attach to the crib, but this works too.

I was really lazy and did not measure the circumference of the crib and the pad is bit longer than needed so it's just layered twice partly, but that's fine. Also I seem to be unable to take in between photos these days. I just always forget. Anyway I think the bumber pad is awesome! Love the trains still.


  1. I love that you were able to reuse something you used as a kid for the crib of your little one, this makes it extra special and it looks very cute too.

    1. Thanks Nina, I agree. Now I was finally able to throw the center part of the sheet away :)


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