Monday, 12 August 2013

Ripple blanket for the kid

I have crocheted this blanket forever! I started it way over in May. It did not take long because it is very difficult or because it's big, but because doing this sort of static work for long periods of time now that I'm pregnant has been pain. If I sit down for too long the muscles around my chest get really tense and create pain. Also now that I cannot eat painkillers other than paracetamol, which is a useless drug for muscle pain, atleats for me, it's been easier to avoid crocheting and knitting. Now that I'm on maternity leave and do not have to work in the office in front of a computer all day, the muscles don't get that aching so easily and I've been able to crochet a bit more. So the blanket finally got done! Whew. I was even starting to get bored of the whole project, too many months of looking at the same thing.

I got the pattern for the blanket through Ravelry from a blog Attic24. On the blog are excellent pictures and explanations about the pattern. The blanket isn't very big, it should be quite good size for using in the prams or in the terrace cradle. All the yarn is from Hemtex and it is cotton yarn, they happened to have some sort of sale when I bought the yarn.


  1. It's beautiful! I love the colors.

    1. Those were the brightest colours from the store :D


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