Friday, 30 August 2013

Finished front yard

I promissed here in the post about the dry landscape garden to post about the plants me and my neighbour were planting in the front yard. The front yard has been finished for a long time, but I haven't seen my neighbour in days and I've forgotten what are the names of some of the plants we planted. Maybe I can update this post once I know the names.

I bought only four plants, all junipers. Three junipers called Blue Carpet, there on the picture next to the gravel, and one juniper Andorra compact, it's supposed to grow into a wide circular but low bush, that is the greener plant on the picture. Both me and my neighbour agreed that the area needs either perennials, which grow new shoots each year or something really low that can tolerate the heavy load of the snow that is piled on this area every winter. 

My neighbour planted two junipers more, similar to my Blue Carpet, but just less blue, also she brought from her cabin the Goat's beard plant, that is now planted in front of the rain water shoe. It looks a bit sad now, but it will perk up and next year it will look amazing. Also next to the white pole I planted a Carpathian harebell from our back yard, where it was not getting enough space. On the front is also some plant my neighbour brought from her cabin. I do not know the name of that, but according to her it grows easily to cover large areas and apparently has white flowers on spring.

I'm pretty pleased with our front yard. I hope everything thrives and that all of these survive the winter. But if not we can plant something else next year.


  1. You two planted a very nice variety, it looks very pretty. And I'm sure it will be even prettier in the spring.

    1. Thanks, I hope they spread nicely and are not too defeated by the snow in winter.


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