Monday, 2 September 2013

Craft foam stamp

It is easy to decorate plain white clothes, bed sheets or paper by stamping. I was mainly thinking that I could stamp the kid's clothes. I have always liked owls, so I desided to make my own owl stamp. I guess I could have also found an owl stamp from some online shop, but I've also always wanted to try out how to make my own stamp.

Since I wanted to make quite a big stamp I chose to use craft foam for it. If I would have wanted to make something smaller I would have most likely chosen to carve a stamp out from an eraser. I drew a picture of an owl, simplified it a bit and then cut the form with a craft knife through the paper and tried to cut through the foam too, but that did not completely work so I also had to cut the foam with scissors.

For the back of the stamp I cut a piece of plywood and glued the foam onto the plywood with super glue. I stamped the owl image on a paper and used varnish to attach that on the other side of the plywood. I wanted to put the image there so it would be easier to know which way is up on the stamp when stamping. The varnish did spread out the ink on the paper a bit and the stamp does not look too pretty anymore. But I guess the usability is the key not how the stamp looks like, besides the stamp will get even uglier when in use and knowing myself I wont clean the stamp that well between uses anyway.

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