Friday, 6 September 2013

Uh-oh, it wont hold

Don't worry, we still have the headboard canvas. This post is about the bedside tables, I just used the above picture to show those bedside tables, incase you've forgotten what they are like.

After painting the bedroom and reinstalling the bedside tables the old fixings didn't hold up anymore. My bedside table, on the left, was a bit loose even before the reinstallation. But now even A's side was coming off from the wall.

See, it's loose and it was starting to feel bit scary, I was afraid to place my drinking glass on the table, it felt like that could collaps the whole thing. So off to the hardware store I went and I bought special drywall anchors, I had previously used just regular plugs, which even might had been too big. I don't think they squeezed the wall well. Then I removed the tables and I saw that the old plugs were definitely loose. I pulled out the old plugs.

The drywall anchor was screwed to the drywall. It seemed really solid, I guess sometimes buying the right gear makes all the difference. 

No gap anymore, whew!


  1. Those screw-in anchors are the same ones we use. They are very secure, but they leave quite a hump in the wall when you take them out (trying to fix a dozen of them in the kitchen right now). The security is worth it though.

    And I have to say, your organized drawer made me all giddy. Love using baskets inside drawers. :)

    1. that must be true, the anchors are really wide and on drywall there is nothing on the back to hold the spacling paste. I am a container freak, i love them :)


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