Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Patchwork cubes

I think I've loaned and read all the crafts books related to babies from the three nearest libraries. Most of the books have had very nice new projects I could try, but only a few of them have inspired me to actually start anything.

On a book Gifts for Baby by Catherine Woram was a project to make patchwork cubes for a baby. All the projects in the book are awfully pastel coloured, but none the less this project I was inspired to start because I happened to have all the material at home.

I cut out cubes from the baby matress pieces I still have left over from other projects. And of course I have pieces of different fabric. Then did some cutting and some sewing.

In the middle of making these I started to question if making these is even worthwile, because sewing these was really slow and I should have better things to do now than something like this. On the other hand it was quite relaxing to sew them, such a monotonous work. But I'm really glad I had cut only eight cubes from the matress.

Well, got these done anyhow.


  1. Those are very sweet. You will be glad to have them when the baby starts to learn about gravity. (Otherwise known as the stage when baby throws everything on the floor and giggles when grown ups bend down, pick them up and give them back to her. The game can last a while!)

    1. Haha, I know that game, I've seen so many kids having fun with that

  2. Cute. And they're nice quiet toys, which I'm sure you'll appreciate at some point. :)


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