Wednesday, 4 September 2013

More painting - corridor

I must have complained to A that I have nothing to do because he suggested that I could paint the corridor while I'm on the maternity leave. And so I did. Besides it desperately needed painting. It had holes and scratches and it looked quite horrible. Under is an example.

Prep work started with removing the moldings and spackling the holes. Once the spackle was dry I sanded those and then washed the walls. Then I taped all the egdes and covered the floor. The taping is something I hate, it takes such a long time and usually the paint egdes do not end up that nice even with the tape.

Next day I started to paint, first the edges, then the bigger areas with a roller. I usually paint the edges first twice then the main wall, then again the edges and once more the main walls.

Third day was spent to attaching the moldings back and placing the picture ledges back. (The picture ledges by the way have pictures of our family. I've made a post about it long ago, it can be found from here. It is still missing A's photo, he has not chosen a photo to show.)

Loving the crisp white. Wonderful to have that done. And don't you just love our ceiling light in the corridor? Changing the light fixture has also been on the to-do list forever. I wonder when I find something there.


  1. The fresh and clean look is so nice, it makes such a difference.

    1. I too am surpriced about the difference. I had postponed the painting for quite some time because I thought painting white with white is bit useless


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