Monday, 11 April 2011

Ancestors and us

I put pictures on the picture ledges! Who would have known? But did you quess that I would put mine and A's family tree in there? I bet you didn't. I scanned mine and A's old photos from family albums and reprinted them. There are still few more photos to scan and print, mainly from A's side. (FYI: My boyfriend did not want to be called Boy, so now on he will be called A)

I had many frames at home, but I did not like their colour, so I spray painted them white. The smell was so hideous that I had to do that outside and almost froze myself. Here is my spray painting station on the terrace.

I was bit unfortunate with the painting, as you see I did not really get a nice finish. The paint under the new paint started to wrinkle. Not all frames acted like this though. Some ended up good and others, well the old paint dissolved to the new paint and I could not get them white, no matter how many layers of paint I put on them. They are now slightly yellowish, even though they were golden before. Kind of frustrating.

But I can cope with small flaws. I'll get totally new frames if these start to bother me. 

My father's mother's father and his home. I love old black and white pictures.


  1. That looks wonderful! What a perfect idea for using the ledges for your family history. (And I like the crackled finish of that frame you showed us in closeup!)

  2. Thanks. It's kind of growing on me too.


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