Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Hybrid Cure, preliminary

As Alana did on her blog and as scb did in her's I'll also do the questionaire and quiz from the AT - eight step home cure book. Don't know where this will lead me, I like to do questionaires but I hardly ever get any results out of them. I'm very poor at analyzing my answers. But lets start.

First the interview.
1. What is my favourite...
  • Actress: Not too sure about this one, perhaps Scarlett Johansson, she is pretty, not too skinny and I liked her in the Lost in Translation movie
  • Actor: Edward Norton, no idea why, he is not particularly handsome but somehow sweet though
  • Artist: Can I mention a band here? I like Mew and Air and PMMP. There are many more that I like, those are on the top ten anyhow
  • Writer: I am going to be really childish and just mention J K Rowling, the Harry Potter series is probably the only books I've read multible times. If the real childrens books don't count. Oh I could also mention Tove Jansson. Love her books. 
  • Music: I already mentioned those bands... I'm very versatile when it comes to music, I like pop, rock, groove, hiphop, jazz, soul... almost anything except heavy music and trance. Also I get bored listening to classical music.
  • Restaurant: Chicos, that is chain restaurant here in Finland, specialises in Texas and Mexican style food, nothing fancy. I don't eat out that much, I'm too frugal for that.
  • Automobile: I like Toyota Prius, I also like Volkswagen Scirocco, I don't know much about cars, I don't think those are interesting
  • Television show: Maybe Bones or then Pushing daisies, there is also one Finnish TV show called Strömsö that I sometimes like to watch, it's a show about crafting and food and home
  • Clothing (designer or store): I really don't know, I'd like to buy all my clothes from someone, like from Etsy. I'm not a big fan of any brand.
 2. How would I describe my style: Simple, fun, expensive looking :)

3. Where have I lived:
  • As a child: In a rowhouse in south Finland, in a rowhouse in Wisconsin USA, back to same rowhouse in Finland, 
  • As an adult: in an apartment building in Helsinki Finland, In that same rowhouse again
4. My rolemodel: Jacques Cousteau. Because he did what he enjoyed, he was inspired by nature and he worked hard.

5. What is the problem with my apartment: There is not enough light, either sunlight or electric. Too much stuff. All styles are mixed.

6. If my apartment could speak, it would say: "I can manage but I feel neglegted"

7. What I would like to do more in my apartment: Crafts

8. Eight weeks from now, how would visitors decribe my home: Light, spacious and inviting

Oh and now the difficult part, conclusions...Okey I answered the actress question slowly, but the actor question fast... that makes me a quick and slow decision maker... okey dokey. I had many answers to the question about music, which means I have too much stuff, propably true. I had difficulty naming artist and clothing, so according to the AT book I'm visually not as oriented. I have to desagree here. I think I'm visually oriented. I instantly know if I like the look of something or not. I don't know if I really got anything out of this on this time either. The questions about the style and problem areas though do have a point. I think I have now pin pointed the areas I need to work on more.

Then to the quiz, I'm not going to write the whole quiz here. I got 10 points from it which means that my home is Healthy. Comfortable. Could use improvement in at least one area and toning all around. Allright, does not sound too bad. The area my home was doing poorly in was the head; my home does not support all the activities I want to do, like crafting, espesially wood crafting and gardening (seedlings, winter storage for plants). Those would be difficult to include in this house though. Also I don't consider my home to be beautiful, it is partly, but some parts are just plain ugly.


  1. It's always interesting to see other people's thoughts about their homes. It's cool that Jacques Cousteau is your role model -- it instantly made me wonder if you can incorporate some elements of the sea, the light on the sea, the feel of the sea into your home decor.

  2. Nice idea. I'm not too fond of marine inspired interiors, but sea inspired is a totally different thing, the mediterranian look could be lovely. The aqua and turquise colors are amazing.


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