Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Attending Hybrid Cure

I crave change, mostly I crave change at work, but any change this day feels good to me. I was hoping that the spring cure of the Apartment Therapy would have started soon, but so far I've seen no sign of it. I was getting bit frustrated. Luckily I was not alone! Alana from Prairie Home Therapy started her own Cure, the Hybrid Cure. I'm happy to jump on board.

Alana's Hybrid Cure will be based on Maxwell Gillingham-Ryans book, Apartment Therapy the eight-step home cure. I do have that book and I've read it multible times, but have not truly gone through the steps it recommends you to take. On this Hybrid Cure I will try to follow the steps of AT and Alana and possibly invent some of my own too. Here is my Master Plan for the cure.

Master plan
  • Read pages 1 - 51 of Apartment Therapy, The Eight Week Cure 
  • Fill out the interview and quiz
  • Create a style tray online. 
  • Create cleaning checklists
  • Make up a repair list for each room.
  • Post de-clutter spots atleast weekly
  • Clean out existing Outbox.

Week One: Plan repairs, vacuum and mop floors, create style tray.

Week Two: Clean kitchen, declutter, repair at least one thing, define style verbally.

Week Three: Front and back entries, interior and exteriors (weather permitting). Clean, declutter, organize. Get spring flowers to front door, if not too cold.

Week Four: Living Room, thoroughly clean (including sofas and chairs), declutter CDs, DVDs and books. Clean windows from inside.

Week Five: Office: clean, declutter, deal with computer files.

Week Six: Bathroom and toilet: clean, declutter.

Week Seven: Bedroom, clean, declutter. Build headboard (Nice one Alana, we need this!).

Week Eight: Make terrace ready for summer, power wash decking, wash windows from outside.


  1. Great! Another person in the Alana version of the Cure! It's going to be good to get to know you as the weeks unfold.

  2. You need a headboard too? That's funny! Glad to have you aboard.

  3. Great to take part. Yes I've been thinking to make a headboard for quite some time. Very good you Alana happened to have the same plans.


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