Monday, 25 April 2011

Cable mess

I made a false start on the livingroom cure on friday. I did not have interest to continue in the entry anymore,  my own stuff was fairly organized even before and I see no point going through A's stuff since I have never any idea what he considers important. Also I was eager to start the cure on livingroom and especially on cables. A loves all his appliances and we have plenty of those, speakers (all seven), subwoofer, xbox, telly, dvd-player, radio amplifier, even video, you name it, we have it. So you can assume that the cable mess is quite something.

Under our sofa, before
Earlier we used to have another sofa in the middle of the livingroom and one speaker was sitting next to it. After we sold the sofa we could no longer keep the speaker in the middle of the room either. We desided to attach the side speakers to the ceiling instead. And because we needed to make some changes anyway I desided it was a good time to tackle the cable mess once and for all.

Cables to the speakers on the ceiling had to be installed discreetly. We drilled a hole to the wooden valance and pulled the cables through it with help of wire.

Then we attached the speakers to the ceiling and pulled the cables to the speakers. This is the stage after the fridays work. See that cable hanging loosely near the ceiling?

Saturday was a shopping day. We bought lots of cable chutes (no idea if that is a correct term). I attached the cable shoots with double sided tape that came with them and also used some nails to make them more secure. The cable shoots now go behind that wooden valance and then down on the corner in the right. Here is a picture of in between. Looks pretty horrible, right.

In between, big mess
We were very lucky that we had long enough cables to run them first up then sideways on the ceiling and then run them down again. We only had to extent one cable and even that we had an extension cable to that we could just plug in.

On sunday was only left to clean up and put all the tools back to the tools cabinet. I'm really pleased and there are no cables under the sofa!

Behind the wooden valance, those cables seen here go to the speakers attached to the ceiling

After, so nice!


  1. What a fantastic job of cable-hiding! I'm impressed! And the speakers on the ceiling are not intrusive at all, either. Well done!

  2. Thanks scb! Yes, luckily the speakers were quite small, no idea what we had done if they were bigger.

  3. So interesting. What a clever solution, too! Very tidy. Well done.

    Do most houses in Finland have wood ceilings? They are quite unusual here.


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