Sunday, 10 April 2011

Picture ledge ala Onshore

Our hallway to the office looks pretty dull, don't you think? 

When I saw this I new exactly what the place needs. Thank you Benita! So then to the hardware store. Here under is what you need for this and optionally paint. See the link provided on more details on how to make these.


And the end result, Tadaa! I used very cheap wood and I wanted the ledges to be white so I used white primer and white shiny topcoat. The shelves ended up being bit crooked, the wood bent a little when I took it inside. But that's ok, no one except me will really see that.

Looks pretty bare still, but wait till you see what I'm about to put there. But that's in tomorrow's post.

1 comment:

  1. ooh, how nice! Can't wait to see it all prettied up.
    Oh and don't worry about being "behind." __The first week in the book is a sort of prep week--the only real "work" --washing and mopping the floors --comes around again!


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