Friday, 29 April 2011

Less action more pondering

It's been the theme of this week, pondering. I've consentrated on confirming what strong colour I need to increase in the livingroom and perhaps to other rooms too. I think I've got it mostly sorted out now.

How ever I did some action too. I did wash the sofa cushion covers and I decluttered the books from the livingroom.

Sofa cushion covers drying, I think they look like giant diapers
I was supposed to clean the whole livingroom and related closets. Instead I read a book, moved a bush at the backyard and thought about colours.

Books to charity
One could think I still have the whole weekend left to some action, but no! It's May Day eve and May Day, I don't have time for anything else than to drink sima, sparkling wine and eat donuts. Happy May Day!

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