Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Why our home smells like chicken poop

It does really! The explanation is that I'm growing tomatos from seeds. I sowed them few weeks ago and they now needed more space.

To really get them in good start with the growth I added one tablespoon of organic tomato feed per pot.

The feed did not smell like anything when it was still dry, but after I watered the plants the chicken poop smell was obvious. The tomato plants are now in the office and so is the smell too. Bit of a farm smell inside, nice.


  1. They look so lovely and green and healthy and spring-like! And oh, those tomatoes will taste good! Even if there is a bit of a smell to start with. Soon there'll be the tangy fragrance of the tomato leaves instead. Do you have a large garden space?

  2. My garden is not big, enought to have little grass and couple flower benches. There is a big patio though, there I can have the tomatoes in pots. But I will not need as many tomato plants as I have now (24) I'll give many to my parents and A's parents.

  3. Interesting. Organic tomato feed=chicken poop. Well, why not? They look very healthy. You have lucky friends and relatives!


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