Thursday, 21 April 2011

Cleaning parquet

According to the Maxwell Gillingham-Ryans book, the eight week home cure, one is supposed to mop floors every other week. But I don't think that is important, in general I don't mop my floors more than twice or even once a year, I think that vacuuming is enough and if I want my home to smell extra nice then I mop, but as said that rarely happens. I have sometimes mopped the kitchen and bathroom, if they have spots on them. Now I did mop the entry anyhow.

I think this type of mop is commonly used in here for cleaning all types of floors. The mop has a microfiber cloth that you rinse in a soapy water and then twist very dry. Carpet floors in general are not very popular here. Atleast I don't know a single home with carpet floors. Most common is either laminate or parquet.

When I do mop I like to take all carpets outside and give them a good beat. Only this way I feel I can get the place truly clean.

Now the carpets are back inside, entry floors are clean and shiny and the place sure smells nice.

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  1. That's wonderful. It's always so difficult to get those big carpets moved--congrats on getting yours outside. I really must do my front entry hall floors--they're wood.


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