Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Hybrid cure, week one & week two combined

To catch up on Alana and scb I'm going to combine the week one and week two of the hybrid cure. I know it's pretty ambitious, but I'll try. My hybrid cure will contain following tasks, in italic are the week one tasks:

Make a complete list of repairs and solutions
Vacuum and mop floors

Fix one thing in your home
Clean your kitchen from top to bottom and throw out old food

Remove one item from your home
Clear Space for an Outbox

Buy/get fresh flowers
Determine your style

Find one new recipe and cook one meal at home
Choose the date for your housewarming.

There are other things on the Maxwell Gillingham-Ryans book, the eight step home cure, like running you hand on every wall of your home and sitting in a place where I would normally not sit for ten minutes, I've tried those out before and no offence Maxwell but I did not understand the point of those. I'm also not going to get a water filter, according to some studies the tab water in Finland is if not purest but one of the purest waters in the world.

On sunday I made a To Do list on a separate page of this blog, see here. That includes all the repairs I will need to do on next few months.

Moday was a kitchen cleaning day. Here is what my kitchen looks like before.

Picture taken from the doorway

Picture taken from the window side

Picture taken near the stove, and that wall is not actually blue, it's more like green and I hate it, it's too dark. Wish it did look like it does in this picture. I'm planning on painting it again, with colour called coconut butter.

I'm fairly happy with my kitchen (except that wall), it's light, clear and all storage is hidden. The whole thing is made in 1981 and it's not been renovated since. Only thing we did when we moved in was clean it and changed the handles of the cabinets. Those had plastic handles that had turned yellow by sun light and they were hideous. I'm very pleased with the look now, many have even asked if we renewed the cabinet doors, but no we did not.

On monday I cleared all the upper cabinets, cleaned them and run the dishwasher three times to wash all the dust from the mugs and plates that we use pretty rarely. For a household of two we have collected a large amount of tableware. I've been cleaning for hours and now the kitchen seems worse than it was before, there are glasses and kitchen utensils on the table waiting to be taken to donation and also handwashed plates and glasses everywhere. So no after pics this time. Maybe later on the week.


  1. That's what happens when you start pulling things out and cleaning them--things get a whole lot worse before they get better. My kitchen is an absolute disaster, too.

    I love your kitchen, though--so sleek! The handles are lovely. I like them horizontal, too-is that common in Finland?

    I agree with you about that wall. Your wood pieces should look warm, here, they just look out of place. I'd love to see what coconut butter looks like when you get it done!

    Good luck with combining the two weeks!

  2. Your kitchen is gorgeous! (And I envy your handles -- my cupboard doors don't have handles, so there are always fingermarks on the doors!)

    Definitely things get worse before they get better, but better will feel so good when you get there! (I'm able to post "after" pictures because all the donation stuff is getting piled in a corner of the living room!)

  3. Alana - horizontal seems to be the way handles are usually here. I had never thought of that before, but when I googled pics with keittiö (finnish word for kitchen) I found most handles to be horizontally. It's also common to have no handles at all, like on scb's kitchen.

    scb - very funny comment about you being able to take after pictures :)


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