Friday, 15 April 2011

Hybrid cure, kitchen

I wanted to clean the kitchen from top to bottom so I started out with emptying all the cabinets one by one and cleaning all surfaces inside them. I washed all the plates and mugs and glasses that had collected some dust over them. I did not wash the tableware we use often, they looked clean to me. I threw out old flour, condiments and dried out candy. We had some glasses with no pairs which I was able to put to the outbox, we still have some lonely glasses, but fewer now anyway.

After cleaning all the insides of the cabinets I vacuumed the ceiling to remove all the cobweb. Then, with the help of A, I moved the freezer/fridge to vacuum the floor underneath it and the coils from back of it. I also washed all the cabinet doors from outside and the walls. Then I vacuumed and washed the floor under the stove and the sides. Then I vacuumed and wiped the top of the light fixture and washed the curtains and hung them to dry.

I don't think I need to mention which is before and which is after
On this point I felt like the cleaning is never going to be finished. I had already spent three evenings solely in the kitchen. In a way I was very frustrated but on the other hand I felt really good on the things I had allready achieved. I desided to let myself slack a little and desided to postpone the cleaning of the oven and fridge to some other time. I had cleaned and defrosted the freezer already when it was still frost outside.

To finish the cleaning on some way I desided that my  thursday to-do list would include cleaning the outer surface of all the appliances, cleaning the tiling, cleaning the work and table tops. Cleaning the tiles and the space between them was a bit of a job so I desided to go with the non environmental option and chose a product designed for the tiles. So equipped with the bad smelling liquid, old toothbrush and a sponge I tackled the job, and I'm really pleased about the results, just take a look.

I think it turned out super nice, hope you see a difference here

Kitchen part of the hybrid cure is now officially over for me. Phew! I'm going to over to friends' home for the weekend. See you on monday!


  1. Wow! That was a lot of work. The tiles came out beautifully--and I really can see a difference in the big shot of the whole kitchen. Good for you--you have done such a great job! Enjoy being with your friend.

  2. Fantastic job! Well done. What an enormous amount of work you did, but from the 'after' pictures, I'd say it was well worth it. Enjoy your time with your friend, you've certainly earned it!

  3. when we remodeled our kitchen ... my husband wanted beadboard for the cabinet doors! I said "no" because I knew all the "gunk" that would be trapped in those little grooves. And I knew how much time and effort it would take to keep those clean. But I lost the battle after he promised he would help me keep them clean. (ps ... he has never done that ;) So when I clean my kitchen from top to bottom, it entails me cleaning each groove. I have discovered that the best solution is water softener. Just a little added to water will loosen up the food particles without much scrubbing! (Like 20 muleteam borax). It is a miracle cleaner. I also use it when I clean the stovetop vents ... just hot water, borax and soak them ... the grease just melts off!

    Also, my parents lived/worked in Pori, Finland for many years. They loved it there. Have great memories living there. I wish I had visited them when they were there!


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