Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Violets by the door

Planted some violets by the front door. They are supposed to tolerate cold weather too.

The entry looks inviting again. Or do you think I have too much going on on the left side?


  1. Love the violets!

    Would it be possible to hang the wreath below the mail slot on the door? That way it wouldn't have to fight for attention with the other things. I can't tell from here (obviously) but if it's a metal door, there are excellent strong magnetic hooks for hanging wreaths. They're available from Lee Valley Tools here, and there should be somewhere you can get them where you are. Just a suggestion.

  2. It's a wooden door, only the bottom part has a metal cover, so it would be possible to hang the wreath below the mail slot. Good idea, but I'm just thinking that would the entry look too heavy, I mean most things would then be very low.
    Well I have to try that idea, at least temporarily, it might look good. Thanks scb!


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