Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Pacifier clip with a ribbon

Babies drop their pacifiers a lot apparently. And when the pacifier get's on the floor or worse yet on the ground, those get dirty or lost. That is not a good situation. That is why I made pacifier holders that can be clipped on to the garments.

I bought mitten clips from a store sometime ago for a different project, which I have not yet done, but I need only two clips for that and so I had two left. I think you can also buy these single clips somewhere, but I happened to see those mitten clips first.

I had cute train ribbon at home and some plain white ribbon where I painted dots with a fabric paint. Web has plenty of DIY instructions on these pacifier holders, like here and here. I used black velcro on both, I would have preferred white, but I've lost the white velcro I have or then I've run out of it. I need to do an inventory of my craft supplies.

Sorry about the awful pictures, it's so dark here these days. I think I could use a light box of some sort to photograph these small crafts I do.


  1. What a good idea. I've purchased those pacifier clips many times over the years for baby gifts, making them would be so much cheaper and more personal! Saving this idea for future gifts. :)

    1. I had never even hold a pacifier clip on my hands before making them.
      Yeah, I really don't have many mommy friends :)


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