Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Rainbow quilt

A very good friend of mine is having a baby on late July and I wanted to make something for the baby. I made a quilt for Likka before she was born and in use I noticed that a quilt (or any blanket) is very convenient to have for a baby. You can use it in between the baby and a hard floor at home, friends' places, at hobbies. And so I made a quilt for my friend's soon to come baby.

My friend is a railway engineer and so I was tempted to use pieces of the train sheet I still have left. Then I used various other fabrics I already had at home. I did not bother to make all the pieces the same width, it is much easier to sew them together if the pieces do not need to align. I was not going to place the pieces as I did, I actually cannot even remember how I was planning to arrange them at first but once I laid them on the floor this rainbow arrangement looked the best.

At first I was thinking of hand stitching the front to the back, because the last time I made a quilt I really disliked machine stitching it together. But it seems the hand stitching is even more annoying. I gave it a shot first but it was slow and boring and I soon lost my interest in it. In order to get the quilt done I went with the machine stitching, still I did not like that either but it was done faster.

On the backside of the quilt I draw washing instructions for the quilt with a fabric pen. Since the quilt is for a baby to lay on the quilt might need to be washed quite frequently. Hope my friend's soon to come baby enjoys the quilt.


  1. That's a nice mix of colors and graphic look.

  2. Amazing work again! Nice locomotives :)

    - T from the neighbourhood

    1. Thank you T.
      I love the locomotives too much. I'm having trouble throwing away the scraps of the fabric.

  3. Beautiful work and such a lovely gift! I just found your blog through the link in FB, need to take a look a bit closer later, lots of interesting posts! How do you find time for all this..?? :)
    - Tanssikaverit E&I ;)

    1. Kiitos E!
      I'm happy you've enjoyed what you've seen so far, and happy to hear you'll visit again.
      I always have time for the things I really want to do... instead I have not cooked much or done much gardening or done much cleaning either. I choose to do crafts :)


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