Friday, 15 June 2012

Painting and drying stand

Usually I paint either in the bathroom or outside, but the shelf painting takes up so much room that it does not fit in the bathroom. Also painting the shelf outdoors has not been an option since even though it has been mostly sunny we've got some rain showers almost daily. This meant that I had to create a painting and drying area in the office.

I also wanted to speed up the painting process so that I could be able to paint all the sides of the shelves on the same go. The furniture paint also dries up slowly so I needed a place where I can leave the shelf parts to dry without having to move them all the time.

So I created a painting and a drying stand. First I placed an A-ladder and a stool on some way from each other. Then I covered everything with plastic and also placed a sheet underneath to keep some weight on the plastic and to catch any drippings. Then I placed the vertical support piece from the shelf on the stool and the ladder where I can then slide the shelves to dry.

The painting stand I made using couple pieces of wood and four big nails. I attached the stand on the office table with bar clamps. I also covered the table with the plastic and a sheet.

Here you can see the stand in detail. Now I can flip the shelf on the nails and paint the other side and then place it to dry.


  1. Your shelves have something on them with holes? And the nails go throuh the holes? That's convenient. I've never seen a shelf like that.

    I love your drying rack--that is quite clever.

    1. No, actually there is just a straight bracket and there are holes in the vertical shelf parts where a small metal thing is placed and that holds the shelves in place. It does actually look in photo that the nail goes through the bracket, sorry, I should have took the picture from a better angle.

      But thanks, I thought I was pretty clever too :D


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