Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Shelf is drying

Thank you Alana for suggesting to use a roller when painting the shelf parts. The painting has been fast and smooth. But what hasn't been fast is the drying. The finishing paint feels dry after couple hours but the jar says that the paint is fully hardened after three days and before that nothing should press the paint. So I'm waiting and I've never been good at that.

As you know I still have the other shelf from the other wall to disassemble and paint, but I also bought more of that same shelf. Like I didn't have enough to paint before!


  1. the shelves are so pretty! i want too! what's the name of the paint you are using? or maybe i can find it in the previous posts...

    1. Thank you! I don't think I've mentioned the paint, It's from Tikkula, the primer is Helmi pohjamaali and the top coat is Helmi kalustemaali in semi shiny. I painted two layers with primer and one with top coat. I have been surprised how much paint the shelf needs, I've already used more than one liter of primer and almost whole liter of top coat. (and Tikkula paints are not cheap, ouch)

    2. Oh and I forgot to say I also used Tikkurila's oksalakka (branch varnish) for the branch areas. It is supposed to keep the resin inside the wood. I don't know if that is necessary to use on old furniture, but I once painted a brand new shelf part and did not use the oksalakka and now the branches areas have yellowed :(

  2. The shelf will look great once it's dry! Can't wait to see the finished room...Go Leena!


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