Monday, 11 June 2012

Sanding the shelf

Before we left for a wedding on Saturday I did manage to sand most of the shelf pieces. I'm a bit annoyed that I did not have time to sand all, there were just a few pieces left. But I had to start putting on makeup and dress up.

I will sand the rest on Monday. On Sunday I also helped my sister move. The move went very fast, she didn't have much stuff and she had moved some of her stuff already. I would have had time to sand the rest of the shelf parts on Sunday but I have a prinsiple of not using any powertools outside on Sundays. I don't want to bother my neighbors with the noise. I at least appreciate that there is one day in a week when everything is quiet and relaxed.


  1. No power tools outside on Sunday? That's considerate of you. My husband had a thing about using the gas powered lawnmower in the evenings (after seven pm or so, he thinks it's rude to use it though our neighbours run theirs at all hours.

    The thing is, the old mower needed someone strong to pull it to start--and no one could do it but him. The other thing was, it sometimes wouldn't start when it was too hot outside (say over 23).

    So the grass grew!

    I persuaded him to buy a push mower. Quiet and it doesn't take gas--and we can all use it, anytime.

    Grass looks good, now!

    1. I also try not to use the power tools in the evening but maybe only after eight or nine.

      Funny story about the lawn mower :) maybe he was just trying to avoid the mowing :D I'm interested in a push mower too, but in our housing co-op the lawn is mowed from all the backyards at the same time by a resident with a rotating system. Sometimes the time between the moving is just a bit too long, and I'd like it to be cut a bit more often.


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