Monday, 6 August 2012

All shelves are painted

All the shelves are now painted! Finally! 
It took way longer than I thought. I assumed it will take me about one week to finish each side of the room to  paint the walls and the shelves. But it took more like one month to finish each side of the room. Huh, but now they are ready. How amazing is that!

For these shelves I needed to buy quite a lot of paint. I used branch varnish on places where I was afraid the resin would show through the white paint. I think I could have gotten a lot of shelves from lets say Ikea for just the price of the paints. But these shelves we had are expensive brand and they are quite versatile and good quality so it was no point getting rid of those. And new Ikea particle board furniture won't last for decades like these shelves have already done. These are the paints I used.

I painted twice with the primer and one time with the top paint. I had to paint the edges two times, the paint did not stick as well on the edges as on the bigger surfaces. The bigger surfaces were sanded by the belt grinder and the edges by hand and I think there was still more old varnish left on the edges so the paint did not stick as well.

What I did horrible wrong with the painting was the scheduling. I had not realized it takes so long for the top layer to dry, which was three days. The paint will feel dry after few hours, but there was this sticky feeling to it and that was only gone after the three days. I also made the painting more tiring for me because I did it actually in 5 sections
  1. sanding and painting the first shelf from the other wall
  2. sanding and painting the new shelves I bought used
  3. painting the vertical support piece that I used as a drying stand
  4. sanding and painting the second shelf from the second wall
  5. painting the vertical support piece that I used as a drying stand

This makes me realize why it took so long in the end to finish all of the shelf. But it would have been quite difficult to empty all the shelves at the same go, but I atleast should have bought the new (used) shelves earlier so I could have combined painting them and the first shelf at the same time. Well... live and learn.

Ah, but how I do love them! Maybe I love the shelves even more because of all the work the painting included. I'm so happy.


  1. Hooray for finished shelves! They look great after all the hard work you put into painting them. It always happens to me that a project will take much more time than I anticipated but I am always happy I did it in the end. Happy week!

  2. Yay! Thanks. I too always underestimate the time I need for a task, but I'm usually not this off.

  3. Three days is a long time for the paint to cure--no wonder it took so long! I'm glad you're happy ith them, they look fantastic.

  4. Now you can enjoy their beautiful color for a long time :)

    1. That is true! The shelves are so nice, Gaa, I'm in love :)


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