Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Cooking crayfish

We have had crayfish parties for seven years in a row now, but never before had I cooked the crayfish myself. In the end it was really easy just as long as one has the heart to cook the crayfish, because those are cooked alive, like most crabs are. Check here for the recipe.

It is so odd how they change colour when cooked, first the crayfish is brown and immediately when they are sunk into boiling water they turn bright red. It's like magic. Sorry about the quality of the pictures, I used my cellphone to take these. Also I forgot to take any photos of the cooked crayfish so I had to use last years crayfish photos.


  1. Is crayfish a big tradition in Finland? Would love to see pictures of the next party!

    1. It is a big thing in certain areas in Finland. It is more popular amongst the Swedish speking population. In North and east Finland many have most likely never even tasted a crayfish yet had a party about it.
      We have for the last seven years held the party on the last weekend of August (unless some other plans inhibited it and then we've changed the date). I'll make sure I take pictures next time! But that will be next year then.


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