Monday, 27 August 2012

Winding a ball of yarn

I just few days ago learned how to wind a ball or yarn that runs from the center. I got an old book about knitting called Kutomisen käsikirja printed in 1946 by Pellervo-seura. Most books these days don't pay much attention to how to handle yarn, but that old one does and in that book I found instructions how to wind a ball of yarn that runs from the center. I hope I'm not stepping on anyones' toes by sharing those instructions.

First yarn is rolled over all fingers, a small piece of yarn is left hanging so the ball can be easily unwind later. When there is a small bundle the yarn is taken out from the fingers and then the yarn will be rolled over this bundle. To keep the ball loose thumb is kept between the new and the old rolled yarn.

The yarn will be rolled loosely slightly varying the direction until the yarn ends. The trickyest part is to keep the yarn loose and not tighten it over the ball.

Normally I've rolled my yarn so that it runs from the surface of the ball, but I've always found that to be so annoying, the ball rolls and jumps all over and tangles everywhere. I'm really happy I found a solution for that.

I loved the solution so much that I thought of rewinding all my yarn, but got to my sences. But I will wind all the yarn like this in the future.


  1. How cool! And it looks really good too. I am going to take a class to learn to knit, and I will definitely try this once I get some yarn.

    1. Oh you are?! Wow! One piece of advise, don't be discouraged if the first knit you make does not look perfect, the knit will look better and better with practice.


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