Monday, 15 April 2013

Child's backpack

Couple of years back we were sailing with our friends' boat and we all got t-shirts with embroidery to show that we were all part of the "crew". Unfortunately they were out of small sizes and I got a shirt that I never wore because it was obviously way too big for me. It was still a nice gesture to provide us those shirts. 

About year and a half ago these same friends got a baby boy and ever since that I've been wanting to make something for the child. And since they still have the same boat and I'm sure their boy has already spent quite amount of time on the boat so that he definitely is a part of the "crew" by now, I thought that I will make something for the boy from that embroidered t-shirt.

I happened to loan a book Sikksakk from the library by May B. Langhelle. It's written in Norwegian and is at least translated to Finnish, but I could not find any English translation for it. Anyway it's a book about sewing clothes for children from used fabric like from curtains and adult clothes. In the book was a backpack pattern and that sounded like a perfect spot to attach the embroidery.

So I made a backpack. Their boy might be still a bit too small to use the backpack but it won't take long till he is big enough to carry the backpack. Techically the backpack is still not finished. I did not have any D rings at home, so the straps are now attached to each other with pins. The craft store just isn't open on Sunday and I did not want to wait to take the pictures. Rest of the material I did find from home, like the fabric, the eyelets and string. The buttons are extras that have come with some old jeans.


  1. A great idea and so well done! It's beautiful.

  2. This mini backpack is adorable! And what a cute idea to have it embroidered with a memento from your sailing trip.

    1. I did not want the embroidery to go to waste. It is adorable, and surprisingly easy to make. I could make more of these.


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