Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Ups, I made artwork

The blanket in the terrace was a bit damaged by the squirrel ripping it. The squirrel had pulled loops of yarn from the blanket and it did not look too good anymore. I thought I would felt the blanket for crafts material and washed it with hot cycle in the washing machine.

But I did not realize that the black wool felted way better than the white wool, so the result of the felting was nothing as I planned. I assumed the result would be flat, just smaller and thicker. But it turned out like a giant, super weird felted hat. It is hilarious. A and I both could not stop laughing when we saw what had happened to the blanket.

So my plans did not really work out but I made 3D artwork instead. The blanket under the new artwork is to illustrate the scale that the blanket used to be.


  1. Lol, it really does look funny! Last year P washed a woolen t-shirt of mine in the hot cycle and out came this cute little shirt for babies ;)

    1. That is sweet, eventhough unusable. Hope it wasn't your favourite shirt.


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