Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Return to Stockholm

We were in Stockholm over the Easter. Our friend was there on a work trip on Wednesday and Thursday and had planned to stay there till Sunday. He asked us to join him on the extended weekend and so we did. In Finland Friday was free and we flew to Stockholm on Friday morning and met our friend.

First thing we did on the Good Friday, after having lunch and coffee of course, was visiting the Skyview over the Globe arena. We decided to go there on Friday since weather was supposed to get cloudy and foggy on later in the weekend. But on the end the Friday ended up been the most cloudy, Saturday and Sunday were beautiful. 

On Saturday we woke up to a sunny morning and headed to the near by Östermalm Food Hall to have breakfast. They do sell alsorts of fantastic ingredients, like those slimy huge fish and other much more appetizing things. 

Most of Saturday was spent shopping. We split up for a few ours while our friend went clothes shopping and me and A visited design stores. I bought a few things, mostly fabric. I was thinking that I will show you what I got once I have done something from them.

Sunday was beautiful too and we visited a photografy museum Fotografiska after a really nice brunch. About all the people we had talked to suggested us to go to the museum and it really did not disappoint us. It was worth the visit and sore feet. After the museum we headed to the Djurgården ferry which took us to the other side of the bay in Stockholm. From there we took the cutest old tram back to the city. Then it was time for our trip to end and we had to leave to the airport. Stockholm was amazing, can't wait to go again, it's one of those cities I could even live in.


  1. Oooh! I have planned visiting Stockholm for a long time, but I wouldn't like to go alone and everyone is so busy. My son would love the boats, but I don't think he would like to visit the same stores as me :D

    Skyview looks frightening! The view must be spectacular on a bright day though!!

    1. No one has even two days? If you go by plane it does not require so much time.
      I would like to try out that new Viking Line Grace, but in general I hate the ships, so slow...

  2. Well, one cloudy day instead of two isn't a bad trade off ;-) Looks like you had a lovely weekend.

    1. And the first one was not even that cloudy, just a bit, so all days were all in all perfect.


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