Friday, 5 April 2013

Regaining the fluffyness to the sheephide

After a few months of sitting on top of a sheephide makes it a bit sad looking. The fur is all flat and ugly and the feel is not very fresh anymore. Like in the picture below.

To make the sheephide fluffy and fresh again, it can be washed. I know it sounds weird to wash leather, but it works. I have always hand washed the sheephide, but I read from somewhere that it could be even washed in the washing machine, I guess with wool cycle. 

I've washed this particular sheephide a few times and after the wash the sheephide looks amazing, like it's brand new. I have a quite cheap Ikea sheephide so for me trying this washing on the first place was not a big step. I'm afraid I have no picture of the finished product since I only washed it late last evening and the hide is still dripping wet. But I assure you it works, although I do not dare to suggest you to try this on your expensive cowhide rug. 


  1. This is so good to know. I've been wondering how to clean up my sheepskins! I usually just vacuum them and lay them in the sun for an hour or so.

    As much as I love to play in the snow, I wanted it to snow even more this winter so I could try out your tip of laying out the sheepskin. But it didn't happen. :(

    I will be washing mine very soon though, thanks for the tip!

    1. We did have many days with nice freezing temperatures, but it didn't seem to happen on the weekends, many weekends were really gray and foggy. So I too only had like only that one chance of putting the rugs out.
      You are welcome about the tip


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