Friday, 9 August 2013

Raised beds update

For the smaller raised bed I made I planted cucumber and for the bigger one two rows of potato. I think I have bit neglected the raised beds and the whole back yard actually, because I have totally forgotten to water the plants. I had given some cucumber seedlings to my coworker and he said that they've gotten lots of big cucumbers from the plants. In my cucumber bed only one cucumber is big enough to pick. It has been really dry and it's no wonder the plants are not growing that fast. I've got to step up on this one so we get any crop. The potato is also growing just long stalks, hope there is some potato too under the surface.


  1. I would have forgotten to water the plants too, I always do. But one cucumber is better than none ;)

    1. One is better than nothing, that is true :D
      And there are lots of small ones coming and as it happens it has been raining really heavily for couple days, so maybe we will get some crop.


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