Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Cloth diaper pile

I have gone officially cuckoo about cloth diapers. Like I mentioned in the previous post I have really liked making cloth diapers. It's just so rewarding. Firstly I can finally use up some of the material I have piled up over the years, secondly I can save money when making the diapers instead of buying pacs and pacs of disposable diapers, thirdly I can do my hobby, sewing, and make something usefull at the same time.

Before Likka was born I made two fitted diapers using a pattern from a book Vaippailmiö. I'm glad I had made only two of those diapers. The pattern I used has been good, but I did have to add rubber bands on the crotch and I had sewn way too little absorbing material inside the diapers. But without these trial diapers I wouldn't have known how to make better ones.

Using those trial diapers as a starting point I made seven fitted diapers more. This time I used a lot more absorbing materials inside. I used so much that the rag pile we had is now completely used up. Which is great!

I first made the three tartan patterned diapers. The tartan fabric was sewn into half finished pajama trousers by my grandmother. She no longer sews so she gave the trousers to me to finish, but I didn't need trousers so I cut the trousers up for diaper material. I sewed the rubber band between the inside layer and outside layer, the diaper just looks better that way. The tartan patterned diapers have dry cloth inside, but it was not very vise to use that fabric on the whole surface, just a small piece on the center would have been enough. Lots of the dry cloth got wasted because the shape of the diaper is so curvy.

After the tartan patterned ones I made four more, two using stripy flanned on the outside and and two with small blue flowers on white backround flannel fabric (the other was on laundry when I took these pictures). Instead of using the dry cloth on the whole surface I sewed a flap from micro fleece. I was going to use dry cloth on these too, but the fabric store did not have it anymore. Micro fleece works well too.

We have used these a few times already so they do not look pristine anymore, incase you are wondering why these do not look perfectly white.


  1. I love that you use cloth diapers, and they are so cute!


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