Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Jewellery frame

My mom wanted a storage place for her jewellery as a Christmas present. She wanted something where she could see all her jewellery. She described quite well what type of of storage piece she would need and so me and my sister executed the idea. My mom even provided us some of the material. She had bought red burlap from a flea market and did not know what to do with it, once I saw the material I immediately knew how to use it.

From a trift store I bought a noticeboard. Me and my sister took apart the frames to attach the red burlap. We were thinking of painting the frames too but I did not have any good colours at home so we discarded that idea. We glued the burlap from the edges and only partly from the surface. I had also bought hooks from a home improvement store which we screwed into the board. Because the noticeboard is meant for pins the surface is quite soft and it was bit difficult to screw the hooks there straight.

(The colours on the top photo are most realistic.) Now because we glued the burlap there only partly hook earrings can be hung from the burlap. I draw images of a necklace and earrings to demonstrate how to use the jewellery frame.


  1. That's great! Love the drawings, too.

  2. Lovely! For more earring storage, and if she has more burlap, it could be glued inside a smaller frame by itself (with no backing) and she could just poke her earrings through the fabric.

    1. that is a nice idea, i can suggest her that, because she does have more of the burlap


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