Monday, 6 January 2014

Tardis socks

A has two god daughters, the other who I made the hamburger and other crocheted food is 2,5 years old the other is 17 years old. The older one studies in England in Wales. The school building or castle is from the 12th century. That combined with English heating system must make the place drafty.

So she needed wool socks. Her mother thought she would want Dr Who inspired socks because she is a big fan of the show. I found a pattern for Tardis socks from Ravelry and knitted those for her as Christmas present. 

When I started making these socks I at first assumed that I would use the size 4 mm needles and bought three skeins of blue light weight yarn. I don't know why I did not check the instructions before heading to the store. Anyway at home I noticed I should have bought superfine weight yarn. Luckily the store I bought the yarn from had also the blue in superfine and I was able to return the wrong yarn and buy the right one instead even though I did not even have the receipt anymore.

Once I noticed I had to use such a slim yarn I was bit afraid these socks would be really burdensome to make, but I was so wrong. I finished these unbelievably fast, these were fun to knit.


  1. Those look so difficult. How long did they take you?

    1. Looks can be deceiving :) The colour knit part was the most difficult, but it's so small.
      Hmmm... it's always hard to say how long I've done some knitting, since I don't do these in one go. I knit little bit there little here. These finished in about two to three weeks. I always knit while watching television so maybe these took about four movies and couple HBO dramas to make :D


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