Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Happy Easter

Happy Easter and spring to all.

Spring is far here already and the coltsfoot has flowered here for a while, but that is about the only flower I've seen blooming so far. The leaves of the coltsfoot are not the prettiest but the flowers are cute, so petite.

I've been having bit of blog tiredness lately, perhaps you've noticed. It's mainly because I have not done anything DIY or similar lately. Those sort of things I normally would blog about and I'm not that great with lifestyle blogging in my opinion. I guess lack of projects results from Likka. She now needs more attention than she did before. She does not sleep as much as before and requires constant attention when she is awake. Also I find it easier to entertain Likka outside home. We go to family cafes, lunches with other mommies, to the open daycare center, free museum tours, or anything that does not cost a fortune and gives us something to do. That means that I'm not at home doing projects when ever Likka does sleep and on the evenings I feel worn out to start much anything. Well, this is the phase now. Maybe I regain my DIY energy after a while. But I wanted to let you know why the blog has been so uninspirational and why it might be so for some time.


  1. That is completely understandable. I hope you don't feel bad about it.

    Have you thought about using Instagram? It's like a mini blog, only it's really quick and easy and there's no pressure. You could share DIY ideas or pictures from the museums and cafes. It has helped me to feel more connected when I don't have anything to blog about.

    1. I don't think I feel bad about this, maybe bit sad, I do like to write my blog.
      I had thought Instagram only works with Apple, I have a Lumia. I'll look into it, maybe it would work.

  2. I'm with Christina, while I wasn't blogging, I used Instagram to keep in touch. And not to worry, I'm sure you'll get back your mojo soon!

    1. I hope I will. I do have lots of ideas about DIY, those are just not that easy to execute at the moment

  3. Yes, now the work begins! Ihope maybe you can blog once a week? I would loveto see pictures of your town, if that is OK with A? Nothing identifiable--just something "typically finnish."


  4. Once a week sounds reasonable. I do like to keep some schedule anyhow.
    I don't think A will mind if I show pictures of our town, and neither do I. I would not like to give you my exact address but I don't mind showing the area we live in.
    Will I know what is typically Finnish? :)
    I like your suggestions, thanks Alana.


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