Monday, 7 April 2014


When I moved to my own home, to live on my own, I bought a coffee bush to decorate that home, about 10 years ago. The coffee bush was so tiny back then. Now it's not so tiny anymore. It was time again to replant the coffee bush, since it had out grown from the previous pot. I was hoping that I could have found a white pot for the coffee bush from my large collection of flower pots, but I only found a terracotta one on the right size. Terracotta is not bad either, it's after all very traditional.

Now the coffee bush is covering one third of the whole window area. I would prefer to have it deeper in the room and not having it in front of the view. But our living room is not the sunniest especially on winter and the plant would die from lack of light if it would be deeper in the room. Our bedrooms are lighter and I could keep the plant there, but I love to have one big plant in the living room. It makes the room come alive.


  1. Hmm, I tried to comment, but apparently I failed. :)

    Stupid question, but is that a coffee plant, like it grows coffee berries or is that just the name of the plant?

    And I agree, plants make such a difference in a room!

    1. That is not a stupid question. This is a coffee plant and itcould make coffee berries, but this has never made any. Maybe the growing conditions are not the best possible.


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