Friday, 4 April 2014

Plastic versus metal

Sorry for the long absence, I have not finished anything blog worthy in a while. There is one biggish project I am doing and then there is the HUGE project of those boat cushions which is pressuring me. For now I will show a very very small thing we improved.

Once upon a time I made a post about organizing the tools cabinet we have in the vestibule. The order is still working, but the shelves are heavily loaded none the less. The tiny brackets holding those shelves are plastic and few days back one of the brackets broke. Luckily that is all what happened, the three brackets left hold the shelf on place, but imagine what would have happened. The heavy shelf would have collapsed most likely collapsing all the rest of the shelves underneath it. The tools and paints we have in that cabinet would have been all over the place. That is why we changed the brackets to metal ones. Those should not brake.
(Sorry about the dreadful pictures.)

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