Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Knitted dish rag

We went to a spa this weekend. I wont show you any pictures of that trip, but I will show what I made during that trip. The spa is approx two hour drive from our home and time spent in a car should not go to waste. I often knit while traveling (unless I'm driving of course). I did not have any knit work under way so I had to come up with something to make in matter of minutes just before we left. 

I had bamboo yarn at home and decided to make a dish rag. Exciting, right? To make a dish rag I was inspired by Hupsistarallaa and the pattern was inspired by Piipadoo. The pattern is not exactly what Piipadoo had used in their pillow, I just had a vague memory about the pattern and did my own version.


  1. That's a pretty pattern. I think it's exciting! :) Dishcloths were actually the reason I learned to knit. The ones we had wore out and the thought of going without them was terrible, so I took a knitting class.

    Good for you two too, taking a spa break!

    1. Really? I had never used a knitted dish rag until now, we have always had dish rags made from pulp.

    2. That's all we ever had too. There were a few projects I always wanted to learn to knit for, but I just couldn't go back to the regular dish cloths, so that pushed me to take the class.


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