Friday, 21 March 2014

Yet another pair of baby mittens

I needed to knit something so I made a pair of mittens for Likka. Because of the horizontal stripes with purl knit these would be in Finnish called train mittens, I guess because the stripes remind of tracks, not sure though. But anyway these stripes for some odd reason help keep the mittens on. The knit makes these flexible like an accordion and also the cuffs are long so even when Likka tries to pull these off, she wont manage to fully do so.

The palm side of the mittens is straight, no stripes. If you are real pro like me (heh), you can knit similar just by looking at the pictures, but in case you are not here are the instructions. Although these instructions are not most detailed, so not for a beginner.

Using superfine yarn create 30 stitches with 3,5 mm needles. Divide on three needles.
*knit, purl*  *_*repeat for 15 rows
*knit five rows, purl five rows*  *_*repeat four times
knit five rows
*knit, purl*  *_*repeat for 10 rows
^knit four rows
*purl 15 stitches, knit 15*  *_*repeat four rows*^  ^_^ repeat three times
Knit making a decrease on every needle until four stitches are left per needle. Cut yarn and pull through all sixteen twelve stitches. 


  1. So cute! Is it warming up there yet? We had a week of melting and beautiful sunny days (some double digits) but now we've had a fresh fall of snow and temps below zero. I am not used to it anymore and I'm postively freezing.

    1. It did warm up, but then yesterday we got 5 cm of snow again. But now the snow is melting already. They've promised very sunny and warm weather for the weekend. Hope it is.
      Hope it warms up there too.


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