Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Warm feet

My periferic blood flow seems to be nonexistent and so my feet are cold all the time, especially on winter. I got a heating pad for my cold feet as a birthday present (two and a half months ago). I keep it in the bed all the time and then I can switch it on when ever I need it. It's electric and therefore it has a cable that needs to run from the socket to the foot of the bed.

The cable of the heating pad was just loosely hanging on the side of the bed. It looked ugly and the controller of the heating pad was not easily accessible. But I made a cable holder from a white sheet fabric and now I don't have to reach for the controller and the cable is not hanging loosely anymore.

I made slots for the cable, but left an opening for the controller. The slots are wide because the controller and the plug needs to be pulled through the first slot and the plug through the further slot. The fabric cable holder is attached with safety pins under the mattress pad. In the last photo I've drawn where the heating pad is positioned and how the cable runs under the sheet. I think this holder looks very good (read: it does not really show much at all) and I think it's pretty clever. But the main thing is that the heating pad is now super easy to put on and off.


  1. It's very clever! And it won't move around under the covers or trip you in the morning. :) Good thinking.

    1. Thanks :)
      I was afraid of tripping to it, especially when I move Likka to and from our bed to her crib in the night time.

  2. That is extraordinarily clever--but then, that's you! Nicely done.


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