Monday, 17 March 2014

Replacement bathrobes

You might remember that I mentioned that I have replaced some of the items I got rid off on the Minimalist game. Two of those items were bathrobes. In theory there was nothing wrong with those robes, but the only occasion where it ever occurred to us to use the robes was after sauna. I'm not sure you know but after sauna you will get sweaty really easily if you feel even a bit too warm. That is what we call after sweat in Finnish. But after having sauna it's nice to hang out and relax and it's preferably done in a bathrobe, but our robes were just way too hot. Once you put them on you were sure to have after sweat issues.

For years I have been thinking of replacing the robes with Japanese yukata. Yukata is similar to a kimono, but it's made from cotton and is way more casual than the kimono. Yukata is also very simple to sew and so I assumed I could make ones for us, but I've postponed making those for years now and so I felt that it's very unlikely I will ever be inspired to start those and decided to buy them.

I bought two similar yukatas, both were from the men's section of the online store, there were nice patterns on the women's side too, but I preferred to have both the same and I like the simple stripe pattern which was only sold on the men's side. With the yukata also came belt on the same pattern, it's standard that the belt is not attached to the yukata robe in any way, but I think I will make some sort of belt loop for it, just so that it is easier to use.

I know the yukata is nothing as fancy as a silk kimono, but I would love if we had one wall in the bathroom where I could keep one of the yukatas hanging from a bar as shown in the first picture. It would just look so good.

And no after sweat problems anymore. Yay.

(I'm not getting payed to link to the Kimono shop, I just bought mine there, and I'm happy with them, but I'm sure there are many more online shops similar to the one I've linked here)


  1. Ah, I remember when you got rid of the thicker robes, because they were exactly what I want to replace ours with. :) The only time we wear our robes is when we get out of bed in the morning and the house is too chilly to just wear pajamas.

    Those would look very nice on display.

    1. :D so different needs. I put on a cardigan on the morning over the pajama and also wool socks. A does not seem to need anything on top of his pajama.


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