Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Rabbits... sigh

Those little buggers, rabbits. They have eaten my Christmas roses and I think they've eaten bit of my pine bonsai too. So annoying!

I find it odd the rabbits have decided to eat all the Christmas roses, those are poisonous after all. I wish the rabbit got at least some bellyache from those.

Here is what the Christmas roses looked like in December.

~ ~ ~ ~

But on a more joyful note, because we had a quite warm winter the spring is here really early. The snowdrops are already blooming. Yay, spring is here!


  1. Replies
    1. Aren't they. I usually miss their blooming because we usually have a huge pile of snow just in front of them (we clear the terrace from snow on winter and throw it on the backyard) and that pile of snow covers the view to the flowers.

  2. How strange that they ate a poisonous plant! In our lasthouse, we had problems with them eating the flower beds too, unfortunately we never found a solution.

    1. I hope the rabbits have eaten those just because it was winter and they had nothing else to eat, on summer I wish they will stick to eating grass or something like that. Next winter I guess we need to protect the plants with nets.


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