Monday, 10 March 2014

Pile of mattresses (no pea just other green stuff)

You might remember we bought a sail boat last summer. Last year we did not do much maintenance to it, besides some work on the engine for the winter. This spring there will be some more work to be done for the hull, electrics, genoa sail, the motor and for the cabin. 

Last summer the textiles looked like in the following picture. The cushion covers are faded, stained, missing buttons and even broken from some parts. The curtains are faded and well just ugly.

The cushions also have moldy spots under them and they stink. Also the matresses on the rear which we mainly use for sleeping are too thin and at least for me those are not comfortable for sleeping. So not only do all cushions need new covers, they also need to be either totally replaced or washed.

And there are a few of those cushions. To change the covers for these we needed to buy almost 20 meters (22 yards) of fabric. That is, sorry for the language, a shit load of fabric. I had to order most of the fabric. The colour I chose is called Gargoyle, but I almost ordered the wrong one. On the samples there was also a colour called Charcoal. The pronunciation is fairly similar and I did not notice difference until I got home and looked through the receipt again. Ups, lucky I noticed that, it would have been embarrassing to get the wrong colour.

I'm planning to recover the cushions only a few at a time since I do not know how many of these I can get done and how fast because of Likka. She might not co-operate with me or then she will. So in case I wont get all these done, then those are not all unusable, but some will be finished and some not started at all, or at least so I hope.


  1. Good luck! That's a sh*t load of sewing!

    1. I know :)
      luckily it's not very difficult sewing, just straight lines.

  2. Wow, that is a lot of sewing, good thing you're a good seamstress. Are you planning new curtains too?

    1. I'm planning to sew new curtains too, but I think I will leave those to the last and will start them only if I have time. I have not even chosen a fabric for those yet.


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